Advertisement of Deputy Director vacancy

The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova announces a vacancy of Deputy Director for Science.

Conditions for candidates

Candidates should have a PhD or Dr. hab. scientific degree in the field, with research experience of at least four years, and with high professional, managerial and moral qualities (article 134, p. 3 of the Code of the Republic of Moldova on Science and Innovations).

Within 30 days after the public advertisement (until June 13, 2010) candidates for this position should submit an application form and register it at the Personnel Service of the Institute with attached:

  1. personal record card;
  2. copy of the national ID card;
  3. copy of the work-book;
  4. copy of the PhD or Dr. hab. degree diploma in the field of science relevant to the position, copy of the Associate Professor or Full Professor diploma, as well as other scientific-didactic and honorary degree diploma;
  5. list of published scientific and methodical papers;
  6. curriculum vitae.

Under the IMCS Statutes (article 27) election of the Deputy Director for Science is made in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Director of the Institute proposes a candidate for the position of Deputy Director for Science, which is examined at the Scientific Council meeting. The Council, by secret or open (optional) ballot, delivers its view; the candidate is approved if a simple majority of the Council staff has voted for him;
  2. The Deputy Director election results are approved by the Bureau of Economic and Mathematical Sciences Department and by the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development.

Complaints about the organization, carrying out and results of the scientific vacancies filling should be made on the second working day after the election in the office of the Institute and should be examined by the Scientific Council of the IMCS within 10 calendar days.

The person, who has won the election, will be engaged for the corresponding position on the basis of individual employment contract for the period of 4 years.