Buletinul Academiei de Ştiinţe a Republicii Moldova. Matematica
The journal "Buletinul Academiei de Stiinte a Republicii Moldova. Matematica" (BASM) is a peer-reviewed international journal. The Editorial Board consists of 27 world recognized researchers, many of which are leaders in their field.
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Computer Science Journal of Moldova
The "Computer Science Journal of Moldova" (CSJM) has been published since 1993. It is a peer-reviewed international journal. The Advisory Board consists of 15 world recognized researchers.
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Quasigroups and Related Systems
The journal "Quasigroups and Related Systems" (QRS) publishes articles and short communications on: general theory of quasigroups; special classes of quasigroups; n-ary systems (n-ary groups, Menger algebras etc.); combinatorics; coding theory; algebraic nets; fuzzy quasigroups; other related topics.
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Monographs edited by IMCS researchers. Monographs translated in other languages.
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