Congratulations to IMCS Director Svetlana Cojocaru

Dear Mrs. Cojocaru,

The IMCS team cordially congratulates you on the occasion of the beautiful anniversary you are celebrating, and expresses our sincere feelings of consideration and deep respect for all you have done in science. We have always admired your erudition, intelligence, spirit, optimism, and benevolence. You set an example of conscientiousness and responsibility for all colleagues.

Having profound knowledge of mathematics and computer science, excellent managerial skills, being from generation with active creative spirit, you have promoted in the Institute new visions for management and research activities. You are a skilful manager, able to get through whatever difficult problems.

We all know that your whole professional activity is inextricably linked to our Institute. Here you have formed as recognized specialist in computer science and mathematics, graduating doctoral studies and defending your PhD thesis, here you have manifested yourself as scientist, advancing professionally from a simple engineer to the Director of the Institute. Being the first woman Dr. habil. at the IMCS, the first woman Dr. habil. in Computer Science in the Republic of Moldova, you are the first woman, the National Prize Laureate of Moldova, representing exact sciences.

You have achieved remarkable results in grammar formalisms and development of integrated programming systems, you have actively participated in software development for the most modern computers.

In recent years, you have shown a keen interest in valuable domains of computer science: computational linguistics, computer algebra, and biomolecular calculations. Under your leadership the first electronic spellchecker for Romanian was developed, which today is used successfully by many institutions in the country and abroad.

Due to your insistence and enthusiasm shown, you have managed to fit in over 20 international projects funded by NATO, INTAS, SOROS, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, being a project leader in 7 of them. The results obtained by you were presented at various scientific forums in Russia, Romania, Sweden, France, England, Switzerland. The summit of your scientific achievement represents approximately 160 publications, including three monographs, published by Springer, Kluwer, Birkhäzser Verlag, IOS Press, etc.

Your research results were implemented in the development of Bergman symbolic computation system and computational lexicon of Romanian.

You have actively involved in research related to the Information society creation for our country, and have contributed to the development and promotion of information systems, aimed at solving various issues specific to the Information society. Several of your latest research have a pronounced practical nature. We refer to projects on promotion of Moldovan musical culture, management of science, decision support system, which guides physicians in the process of ultrasound examination. This system was awarded a Gold Medal at the "Made in Moldova 2011" National Exhibition.

We know you as founder, Executive Editor, currently Vice Editor-in-Chief of the "Computer Science Journal of Moldova", distributed in more than 150 scientific centers from 42 countries.

Three of your disciples have successfully defended their PhD theses, in present working with devotion to science and production, and four PhD students are preparing their PhD theses.

With a great responsibility and organizational spirit you are manifesting in the function of Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, your activity is highly appreciated by both the management of the Department of Exact and Economical Sciences and the leadership of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Your erudition, intellectual wealth, spiritual goodness, devotion to principle, fidelity to friendship, optimism, consistency, sense of humor are qualities for which your colleagues sincerely appreciate and respect you.

We express our profound gratitude for your work with devotion and commitment to science and the Institute.

Dear Mrs. Cojocaru,

On this anniversary day the IMCS team expresses the most sincere and cordial congratulations to you. We wish you whole-heartedly long life, good health, happiness, always to enjoy the love and respect of your nearest and dearest, and good luck and success to guide you.

Happy birthday!