Monograph "Algebre iterative lantiale de functii pseudo-booleene trivalente"

Monograph: RAŢIU, MEFODIE T. Algebre iterative lanţiale de funcţii pseudo-booleene trivalente (in Romanian), Iasi, Alexandru Myller, 2010, 276 p.

Scientific result
In iterative algebra of pseudo-Boolean functions there are described eight infinite decreasing series of chain subalgebras, containing constant zero function. The proof that there are no other similar series is given.

Novelty (national, international)
This book is the first one on multivalent logics in algebraic terminology. The results presented in the monograph are new, and entirely belong to researchers of mathematical logic school from Moldova.

Originality and importance
An original approach to the description problem of iterative algebras of 3-valent functions, corresponding to the logic of first Jaśkowski matrix, is proposed in the monograph. For the first time there are described iterative chain subalgebras, containing zero constant function, which play an important role in description of other iterative algebras as well.