Research visit to the Fields Institute, Canada

Recently, Professor Gheorghe Mishkoy has returned from the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada, where was invited to a working visit in the period 11.08.2010-22.08.2010, giving him corresponding financial support. This institution of high international scientific reputation is worldwide known both through its research programs in mathematics and establishing the prestigious Fields Medal. Fields distinction is often considered the Nobel equivalent for mathematicians, since this research domain is out of the list of Nobel nominalized fields of science. The renowned Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields (1863-1932), whose name the institute bears today, has restored to some extent this balance, founding the International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, known as the Fields Medal.

During his working visit to the Fields Institute, Gheorghe Mishkoy has met with the specialists in the field, discussing some actual problems regarding his domain of professional activity. Also he has participated in scientific events organized in the institute. In particular, he has participated in two seminars organized by the Fields Institute in collaboration with the Carleton University (Ottawa), the University of Toronto and MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems):
1) Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW10);
2) Workshop on Approximations, Asymptotics and Resource Management for Stochastic Networks.

At the second seminar mathematician M. Mandjes has presented a generalization of the famous Pollaczek-Khinchin formula, obtained basing on Levy processes. Another generalization (obtained basing on regeneration process) was published in 2009 by Professor V. Rykov. Also in 2009 in the monograph "Обобщенные приоритетные системы", published by the Ştiinţa publishing house of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Gh. Mishkoy has generalized this formula for systems with priorities. However, the first generalization of this well known formula was obtained by Gh. Mishkoy (for polling systems with semi-Markov changes of states) and presented in 2008 on the International Workshop on Applied Probability, Compiegne, France.

The invitation to make a working visit to the prestigious Fields Institute is a honor for a mathematician. Also, this invitation can be considered as an assessment of scientific activity of the mathematician Gheorghe Mishkoy, attesting that the results, obtained by him, are actual and meet the rigors and international standards.