Informational tools for assistance of sonographic examinations

Programmee:International Collaboration
Code:STCU 4035
Execution period:2007 – 2010
Institutions:Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Moldova State University
Project Leader:Gaindric Constantin
Participants: Cojocaru Svetlana, Popcova Olga, Secrieru Iulian, Sologub Danil, Colesnicov Alexandru, Magariu Galina, Boian Elena, Burtseva Lyudmila, Verlan Tatiana, Jantuan Elena, Papanaga Victor, Gorincioi Ghenadie, Verlan Daniel, Turcanu Vasile, Puiu Sergiu
Financed by:The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)


The problem of assuring an adequate medical assistance to the population depends both on training and qualification levels of physicians and performance of diagnostic equipment they use.

In order to obtain quickly and correct information about the specific disease will be created an unified system that will allow storage of the images and image annotation information based on the specific descriptions which will guide the sonographic operators to justify their final conclusions.

To reach the project objectives will be developed:

In present, there is a little number of sonographic decision support systems in the world.

The proposed informational tools will offer combined solution based on image classification and rules systems. Also, will be used mathematical models for image processing and new knowledge acquisition.

The project will have a practical significance manifested in the following: