IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.14, n.2 (41), 2006/

Macroeconomic growth determining

Authors: Naval Elvira


In the offered work two approaches to the problem of economic growth rate determining is considered. The first approach assumes, that economic growth rate is set exogenously, so its value is known while at the second approach economic growth rate is determined endogenously, i.e. its value is unknown. In the model there are included such components of the economic growth, which are determined by the technical progress containing the human factor during training, and also sector of research and development (R&D). Research and development are estimated in two ways: one, supposing development of new technologies and another, using already available developed technologies, and on their basis developing new manufactures. Estimations of expenses both on the first, and on the second way are resulted.

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences,
Academy of Sciences, Moldova
5, Academiei Str., Kishinev,
MD-2028, Moldova


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