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Local and Global Parsing with Functional X-bar Theory and SCD Linguistic Strategy (II.) Part II. Functional Generative Capacity, SCD Marker Classes, and Local / Global Segmentation / Parsing Algorithms

Authors: Neculai Curteanu


This paper surveys latest developments of SCD (Segmentation-Cohesion-Dependency) linguistic strategy, with its basic components: FX-bar theory with local and (two extensions to) global structures, the hierarchy graph of SCD marker classes, and improved versions of SCD algorithms for segmentation and parsing of local and global text structures. Briefly, Part I brings theoretical support (predicational feature and semantic diathesis) for handing down the predication from syntactic to lexical level, introduces the new local / global FX-bar schemes (graphs) for clause-level and discourse-level, the (global extension of) dependency graph for SCD marker classes, the problem of (direct and inverse) local FX-bar projection of the verbal group (verbal complex), and the FX-bar global projections, with the special case of sub-clausal discourse segments. Part II discusses the implications of the functional generativity concept for local and global markers, with a novel understanding on the taxonomy of text parsing algorithms, specifies the SCD marker classes, both at clause and discourse level, and presents (variants of) SCD local and global segmentation / parsing algorithms, along with their latest running results.

N. Curteanu
Institute for Computer Science,
Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch
B-dul Carol I, nr. 22A, 6600 IASI, ROMANIA
E-mail: and


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