Intelligent information tools for quantifying and assessing diffuse liver diseases based on non-invasive measurements and laboratory tests

Programmee:Technology Transfer
Execution period:2017 – 2018
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Secrieru Iulian
Participants: Gaindric Constantin, Cojocaru Svetlana, Popcova Olga, Gutuleac Elena, Ursu Lidia, Macari Dorin, Nastasiu Ana, Rotaru Victoria, Ţurcan Svetlana, Ţâmbală Carolina, Secrieru Angela, Jucov Alina, Tocan Alina


Overall objective: to create a data warehouse of cases of diffuse liver diseases based on a single protocol, and to provide intelligent information tools for quantifying and assessing liver diseases with degree of fibrosis stage 3 or stage 4 (cirrhosis).

Correct and early assessment of liver diseases combined with appropriate management of pathologies can certainly increase the patient's quality of life and its duration.

Relevance of the assumed overall objective is enormous, as we have witnessed the wide spread of diffuse liver diseases, which predominantly affect people of working age, having a significant negative impact on social and economic development of the country.

Potential beneficiaries:

  1. clinicians from imaging and therapy departments, from sections of hepatology and gastroenterology;
  2. officials of the Ministry of Health, in charge of monitoring the general health status of the population, morbidity and mortality related to liver cirrhosis;
  3. students from the Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology;
  4. developers of information systems, intelligent systems, knowledge bases and medical databases from Moldova, European Union and the rest of the world.

Entities cooperating in the project are

All data collected in the project are anonymous and will be used for scientific research purpose.