Laboratory "Differential Equations"

Suba Alexandru Dr. habil., Full Professor Head of Laboratory 73-81-62
Popa Mihail Dr. habil., Full Professor Principal Researcher 022 738146
Vulpe Nicolae Dr. habil., Full Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Principal Researcher 72-70-59
Dovbush Peter Dr. habil., Associate Professor Leading Researcher 33-54-53
Dryuma Valery PhD, Associate Professor Leading Researcher 73-81-07
Baltag Valeriu PhD, Associate Professor Senior Researcher 73-81-07
Calin Iurie PhD, Associate Professor Senior Researcher
Orlov Victor PhD Researcher 72-92-11
Bujac Cristina PhD Researcher
Pricop Victor PhD Researcher 72-92-11
Vacaraș Olga Engineer Mathematician
Ciubotaru Stanislav Engineer Mathematician
Băbălău Ion Engineer Mathematician