IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.26, n.3 (78), 2018/

Closeness centrality in some splitting networks

Authors: V. Aytaç, T. Turac
Keywords: Graph theory, network design and communication, complex networks, closeness centrality, splitting graphs.


A central issue in the analysis of complex networks is the assessment of their robustness and vulnerability. A variety of measures have been proposed in the literature to quantify the robustness of networks, and a number of graph-theoretic parameters have been used to derive formulas for calculating network reliability. \textit{Centrality} parameters play an important role in the field of network analysis. Numerous studies have proposed and analyzed several \textit{centrality} measures. We consider \textit{closeness centrality} which is defined as the total graph-theoretic distance to all other vertices in the graph. In this paper, closeness centrality of some splitting graphs is calculated, and exact values are obtained.

Vecdi Aytaç
Ege University, Engineering Faculty, Computer Engineering Dept.
Phone:+90 232 311 53 24

Tufan Turacı
Karabük University, Science Faculty, Mathematics Dept.
Phone:+90 370 433 83 74 / 1229


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