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A Short Introduction to Program Algebra with Instructions for Boolean Registers

Authors: Jan A. Bergstra, Cornelis A. Middelburg
Keywords: program algebra, thread algebra, thread-service interaction, Boolean register.


A parameterized algebraic theory of instruction sequences, objects that represent the behaviours produced by instruction sequences under execution, and objects that represent the behaviours exhibited by the components of the execution environment of instruction sequences is the basis of a line of research in which issues relating to a wide variety of subjects from computer science have been rigorously investigated thinking in terms of instruction sequences. In various papers that belong to this line of research, use is made of an instantiation of this theory in which the basic instructions are instructions to read out and alter the content of Boolean registers and the components of the execution environment are Boolean registers. In this paper, we give a simplified presentation of the most general such instantiated theory.

Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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