IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.11, n.3 (33), 2003/

Cryptographic primitives based on cellular transformations

Authors: B.V. Izotov
Keywords: Cryptographic primitive, cellular automata, cellular operations, block cipher.


Design of cryptographic primitives based on the concept of cellular automata (CA) is likely to be a promising trend in cryptography. In this paper, the improved method performing data transformations by using invertible cyclic CAs (CCA) is considered. Besides, the cellular operations (CO) as a novel CAs application in the block ciphers are introduced. Proposed CCAs and COs, integrated under the name of cellular transformations (CT), suit well to be used in cryptographic algorithms oriented to fast software and cheap hardware implementation.

B.V. Izotov,
Specialized Center of Program Systems "SPECTR",
Kantemirovskaya str., 10, St. Petersburg 197342, Russia;
E-mail :


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