IMCS/Publications/BASM/Issues/BASM n.3(94), 2020/

Almost Periodic and Almost Automorphic Solutions of Monotone Differential Equations with a Strict Monotone First Integral*

Authors: David Cheban


The paper is dedicated to the study of problem of Poisson stability (in particular periodicity, quasi-periodicity, Bohr almost periodicity, almost automorphy, Levitan almost periodicity, pseudo-periodicity, almost recurrence in the sense of Bebutov, recurrence in the sense of Birkhoff, pseudo-recurrence, Poisson stability) and asymptotical Poisson stability of motions of monotone non-autonomous differential equations which admit a strict monotone first integral. This problem is solved in the framework of general non-autonomous dynamical systems.

State University of Moldova
Institute of Research and Innovation
Laboratory of ”Fundamental and Applied Mathematics”
A. Mateevich Street 60
MD–2009 Chisinau, Moldova
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