IMCS/Publications/BASM/Issues/BASM n.3 (61), 2009/

Flow of an Unsteady Dusty Visco-Elastic Fluid Between Two Moving Plates in Frenet-Frame Field System.

Authors: B. J. Gireesha, T. Nirmala, C. S. Vishalakshi, C. S. Bagewadi


The present investigation deals with the study of an unsteady motion of a dusty viscoelastic conducting fluid under arbitrary pressure gradient between two infinite moving parallel plates. The influence of time dependent pressure gradients, i.e. impulsive, transition and motion for a finite time is considered along with the effect of the movement of the plates and the presence of uniform magnetic field. Expressions for the velocities of the fluid and particles are obtained by using the Laplace transform technique. Results are presented in graphical form. Finally the skin friction at the boundaries is calculated.

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