Models of high performance computations based on biological and quantum approaches

Programmee:International Collaboration
Code:STCU 5384
Execution period:2012 – 2014
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Rogozhin Yurii
Participants: Cojocaru Svetlana, Burtseva Lyudmila, Colesnicov Alexandru, Malahov Ludmila, Alhazov Artiom, Popcova Olga
Financed by:The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)


The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science has a good experience in two domains: computer algebra and computer linguistics, and development of a number of practical algorithms in both areas. Meanwhile these areas contain a lot of problems hardly solvable by classical techniques. The necessary high computational performance is provided both by bio-inspired and quantum methods. We tried to apply bio-inspired techniques and found out that biological approaches have their limitations, e. g., in computer algebra. From the other hand, there exist solutions for some analogous problems by quantum computing methods, but the quantum approach has its intrinsic limitations too. It seems quite natural to combine biological and quantum approaches and to develop hybrid algorithms for practical solution of these problems.

Based on our experience in these domains and in development of biological algorithms, we will concentrate on solving of several specific problems in computer algebra and computer linguistics to unveil sources of limitations of natural computing and to propose hybrid algorithms avoiding these limitations.

Results of our work will serve as a serious impulse in developing of a new direction in high performance computations: hybrid algorithms based on biological and quantum approaches.