Prospective European Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network, COST action.

Programmee:International Collaboration
Execution period:2018 – 2022
Project Leader:
Participants: Secrieru Iulian, Gutuleac Elena


The objectives of the PRO-EURO-DILI-NET Cost Action are to create a unique, co-operative, interdisciplinary European-based DILI network of stakeholders to co-ordinate efforts in DILI, to facilitate bi-directional exchange of discovered knowledge and generated hypotheses among different disciplines, and to promote clinically impactful knowledge discovery and its translation into clinical practice.

This Action will: (a) harmonize efforts for in-depth DILI phenotyping and bio-sample repository and coordinate pre-funded database/repository studies to aggregate a large number of DILI cases in a standardized manner (WG1);

(b) Establish a strategy for development, validation and performance of DILI novel biomarkers and explore multifactorial DILI risk modifiers in clinical data sets using novel approaches for future precision medicine (WG2);

(c) Facilitate clinically impactful knowledge discovery by introducing biological variations and the complexity (i.e., multi-cellular/multi-organ systems) into toxicological experiments to assess hepatotoxicity to guide future drug safety testing (WG3).

(d) Define criteria and establish endpoints to measure efficacy on novel interventions in DILI (WG4);

(e) Draft policy recommendations about near-patient testing tools.

The network will promote and coordinate a highly translational and innovative research program in Europe and beyond with the ultimate goal to pre-empt and prevent DILI, develop innovative therapeutic approaches that could improve clinical outcomes and enhance public awareness, while developing a forum for knowledge exchange and training of young European researches.