Network for informational methods in supporting persons predisposed to preventable strokes using common devices

Programmee:International Collaboration
Execution period:2017 – 2019
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Vienna University of Technology
Project Leader:Gaindric Constantin
Participants: Cojocaru Svetlana, Secrieru Iulian, Popcova Olga, Macari Dorin, Nastasiu Ana, Stanislav Groppa


The current project aims to consolidate research in the domain of supporting persons susceptible to preventable strokes (especially for applications in medicine) with the following actions:

This project will intensify the exchange of experience in order to extend international scientific contacts, stimulating long-term scientific collaborations.

Moreover, we intend to pool the efforts of research teams (computer scientists and physicians) in order to create an international consortium, expected to have a synergetic effect on the contribution to European excellence in medical informatics.