Distributed informational system "DICOM Network"

Programmee:Technology Transfer
Execution period:2014 – 2015
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science; Public Health Care Institution - Institute of the Emergency Medicine
Project Leader:Bogatencov Petru
Participants: Secrieru Grigore, Iliuha Nicolai, Titchiev Inga, Cojuhari (Bruc) Natalia, Mitev Oleg, Degteareov Nichita, Horosh Grigorii, Pavel Vaseanovici, Alexandr Golubev, Igor Ţvetcov, Pocotilenco Valentin, Natalia Golubeva


In Moldova is actively promoting the development of information technologies and e-health components as part of National strategy of sustainable development. Over 90% of medical institutions (hospitals, clinics and research institutions) are connected to the Internet and widely purchases medical equipment compatible with modern computing facilities. Many of these medical devices produce results of medical investigations in DICOM format – de-facto a standard in medicine.

In the project SID "DICOM Network" is proposed to create an innovative informational system for providing modern e-health services in cooperation with other informational systems existing in the beneficiary institutions (like IBS Hippocrates). The system is presented as an ensemble uniting people – users and maintaining personnel, equipment, software, stored data and processes for producing decision-making services for providing information necessary to develop solutions of problems faced by professionals in medicine. Informational system is a complex of structured elements, which are interdependent and interconnected and forming a complex operating unit in a given environment in order to achieve specific objectives.

The main purpose of the project is to implement an integrated information system to provide automated services of information exchange in DICOM format, using methods of medical information processing developed in IMI ASM, Grid technologies of distributed computing, distributed computing infrastructure of the National Grid Initiative (MD GRID NGI), basic networking infrastructure of the National Research and Educational Network of Moldova RENAM that is connecting educational, research medical institutions. SID "DICOM Network" is aimed to increase considerably the quality of services and simultaneously decrease their prime cost. Ensuring security and data integrity that are required by legislation in force is a very important objective to implement the system. For this purpose will be developed and implemented measures to ensure the necessary level of security to access the system and stored resources.

The current and future trends in the distributed computing infrastructure implementation in Moldova provides the basis for formation of conditions that will allow to store, processing and dissemination of medical investigations in DICOM format throughout the country. SID "DICOM Network" allows also offering remote consultations by specialist from national central clinics and abroad.

Beneficiaries of the system are medical institutions that produce and collect various imagistic investigations like tomography, Roentgen, ultrasound, angiography, etc. Familiarization and working experience accumulation by medical specialists in using such systems offer obvious advantages in imagistic investigations and forming treatment decisions, allow appealing for support from the best local and foreign specialists who have extensive experience in the field. This will facilitate in establishing collaborative partnerships among national, regional and international specialists, increasing access to and participation of local physicians in international research and innovation programs.

As a scientific, technological and socio-economic impact of the SID "DICOM Network" we can consider raising healthcare in the country and creating the necessary conditions for national human resources development and advancement of preparedness of local specialists in the use of advanced information technologies.