Developing information technology support for computational linguistic resources interoperability

Programmee:Young Researchers
Execution period:2012 – 2013
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Alhazov Artiom
Participants: Petic Mircea, Iamandi Veronica, Palade Olga


The project involves developing a public-access Web application (GeDeRo – Generator of Derivatives of Romanian Language). GeDeRo represents a set of intelligent control mechanisms which permit interoperable management of available computational linguistic resources, and operatively will ensure the access to the fundamental linguistic resources, as well as to the derived resources. Тhe application can be used online as a support in the educational process in linguistics (or in adjacent domains such as librarianship, archive science, culturology); this will lead to reduction of costs for purchasing paper-based dictionaries and for consulting specialists. Moreover the application will ensure raising the level of knowledge and technologization of the Romanian language. Development of application requires consultations with experienced researchers in the country and abroad in order to combine the information technologies methods and formal computational models by extending the area of application of membrane models of computing (P systems) to solving computational linguistics problems, e.g., automatic word generation. The project will make a substatial contribution to the formation of new skills and new research direction to young researches in solving complex problems of natural language processing.