Innovative methods for visualization and ultrasound investigation for medical purposes

Programmee:International Collaboration
Execution period:2010 – 2012
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
Project Leader:Gaindric Constantin
Participants: Secrieru Iulian, Burtseva Lyudmila, Popcova Olga, Cojuhari (Bruc) Natalia, Ţurcanu Vasile, Puiu Sergiu


The project intends to develop innovative methods for visualization and medical ultrasound investigation for improvement of the whole process of ultrasound diagnostics: from obtaining a qualitative ultrasound image to issuance of investigation final report.

Decision rules and algorithms for effective storage of knowledge, related to the ultrasound investigation of organs from the hepato-biliary-pancreatic region and their interdependence, will be developed. Methods and algorithms for quick search of information, knowledge, annotated ultrasound images, etc., specific to anomalies and pathologies of organs from the referenced region will be proposed. Algorithms for realization of an efficient logical inference, adaptive to various scenarios of ultrasound investigation, will be proposed. Software products, implementing the developed algorithms, will be created. Methods developed in the partnership framework can ensure a correct diagnostics and appropriate treatment provided by both physicians with experience and those less experienced, that brings significant savings to the medical system.

Cooperation is aimed at combining the results obtained by the two teams, jointly contributing to the project objectives.