Information resources management and assistance in inter-academic scientific cooperation and in management of cooperation between the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Romanian Academy

Programmee:International Collaboration
Execution period:2010 – 2012
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science (Iasi Subsidiary of the Romanian Academy)
Project Leader:Cojocaru Svetlana
Participants: Magariu Galina, Verlan Tatiana, Macari Veaceslav, Grabov Eugeniu, Boian Elena, Lotutovici Serghei, Sidorenco Anatolii


The main project goal is facilitation of inter-academic scientific cooperation and of management of cooperation between Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Romanian Academy, implemented through development of information system for assistance of researches management (including those in the framework of inter-academic scientific cooperation).

The proposed approach is based on the principle of primary information storage, which characterizes the work of a researcher or a research institution: references to scientific publications of researchers, scientific projects, organized scientific forums and participation in them, defended theses, prepared scientific staff, detailed information about patents, registered software products, etc. The use of such systems in various research institutions facilitates preparation of different reports and information bulletins regarding activities of the institution, its subdivisions and researchers; completion of proposals for projects and their monitoring, as well as documents needed for accreditation, certification, etc.