IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.21, n.1 (61), 2013/

Median calculation for heterogeneous complex of abstract cubes

Authors: Sergiu Cataranciuc
Keywords: Abstract cube, cubic complex, median, transversal, group of homologies, convex set, class of parallel edges.


Median problem for an arbitrary complex of abstract cubes is studied. First, a number of auxiliary results related to some special metric properties of abstract n-dimensional cube are presented. Basing on these results and results obtained in the study of homogeneous complexes [13], it is proved that median of an arbitrary complex of abstract cubes can be calculated without using metrics. Method which represents a generalization of method applied to homogeneous complex of abstract cubes is proposed.

State University of Moldova
60 A. Mateevici street, MD-2009, Chişinău, MD-2009,


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