IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.21, n.1 (61), 2013/

ECO-generation for some restricted classes of compositions

Authors: Jean-Luc Baril, Phan-Thuan Do
Keywords: Composition of an integer, ECO method, succession rule, generating tree, pattern avoiding permutation.


We study several restricted classes of compositions by giving one-to-one maps between them and different classes of restricted binary strings or pattern avoiding permutations. Inspired by the ECO method [8], new succession rules for these classes are presented. Finally, we obtain generating algorithms in Constant Amortized Time (CAT) for theses classes.

Jean-Luc Baril,
LE2I UMR-CNRS 5158, Université de Bourgogne
B.P. 47 870, 21078 DIJON-Cedex France

Phan-Thuan Do,
Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Department of Computer Science


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