IMCS/Publications/QRS/Issues/QRS v.6, n.1 (6), 1999/

Transversals in groups. 2. Loop transversals in a group by the same subgroup

Authors: Cuzneţov Eugeniu


Connections between different loop transversals in an arbitrary group G of the same subgroup H are demonstrated. It is shown that any loop transversal in an arbitrary group G of its subgroup H can be represented through one fxed loop transversal of H in G by the determined way. The case of a group transversal of H in G is described.

Cuzneţov E.A. Ph.D.
Department of Quasigroup Theory,
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,
Academy of Sciences of Republic of Moldova,
Str. Academiei 5,
MD-2028 Chishinau,


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