IMCS/Publications/QRS/Issues/QRS v.20, n.2 (28), 2012/

Construction of subdirectly irreducible SQS-skeins

Authors: E. M. A. Elzayat


We give a construction for subdirectly irreducible SQS-skeins of cardinality n2m having a monolith with a congruence class of cardinality 2m for each positive integer m. Moreover, the homomorphic image of the constructed SQS-skein modulo its atom is isomorphic to the initial SQS-skein. Consequently, we will construct an SK(n2m) with a derived SL(n2m) such that SK(n2m) and SL(n2m) are subdirectly irreducible and have the same congruence lattice.


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