IMCS/Publications/QRS/Issues/QRS v.2, n.1 (2), 1995/

Isomorphism of quasigroups isotopic to groups

Authors: Izbaş Vladimir


In this note quasigroups isotopic to groups are considered. The necessary and sufficient conditions for two quasigroups isotopic to the same group to be isomorphic are found. The form of isomorphism of two quasigroup isotopic to the same group and the form of automorhpism of a group isotope are given. For a T-quasigroup with an idempotent the group of automorphisms is described.

Izbaş V.I. Ph.D.
departament of quasigroup theory,
Imstitute of Mathematics,
Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
5, Academiei str.,
Chisinau, 277028,


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