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Arch-pattern based design and aspect-oriented implementation of Readers-Writers concurrent problem

Authors: Dumitru Ciorbă, Victor Beşliu, Anthony Chronopoulos, Andrei Poştaru
Keywords: Concurrency, design arch-pattern, aspect, Java, AspectJ.


The classical problems of concurrent programming start from the design problems of operating systems in the 80-s. But today there are still proposed new solutions for these problems with the help of various design and programming approaches. The present article describes a solution which was designed according to some new object-oriented principles, based on design patterns and proposes two program solutions: firstly - an object-oriented implementation in Java language, the secondly – an aspect-oriented one in AspectJ language.

Dumitru Ciorbă, Victor Beşliu, Anthony Chronopoulos, Andrei Poştaru
Dumitru Ciorbă, Victor Beşliu, Andrei Poştaru,
Technical University of Moldova
Automation & Information Technology Department
str. Studentilor, 7/3, corp 3, 504 Chisinau, MD-2068
Phone: (+373 22) 49 70 18
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Dr. Anthony T. Chronopoulos,
University of Texas at San Antonio
Department of Computer Science
6900 North Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210) 458-7214
Fax: (210) 458-4437


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