IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.15, n.3 (45), 2007/

An approach for NL text interpretation

Authors: Anatol Popescu, Sergiu Creţu


For modeling the interpretation process of NL sentences we use the mechanisms implying semantic networks that assure syntactic - semantic text interpretation (SSI), including an understanding axiomatic model, interpretation model and denotation model to represent the result of SSI. These models estimate the correctness and the consistency of texts too. Also it implements an information extraction from texts in NL. Our approach based, mainly, upon semantic networks grammars has an extraordinary interpretation potential implying a system of completely new concepts and processing methods.

Anatol Popescu, Sergiu Creţu
Anatol Popescu,
Technical University of Moldova
Sergiu Creţu,
E.S. Academy of Moldova


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