IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.10, n.2 (29), 2002/

Sensitivity analysis of efficient solution in vector MINMAX boolean programming problem

Authors: Vladimir A. Emelichev, Vitaly N. Krichko, Yury V. Nikulin
Keywords: Vector MINMAX Boolean programming problem, efficient solution, stability radius.


We consider a multiple criterion Boolean programming problem with MINMAX partial criteria. The extreme level of independent perturbations of partial criteria parameters such that efficient (Pareto optimal) solution preserves optimality was obtained.

MSC: 90C29, 90C31

V.A.Emelichev, V.N.Krichko, Yu.V.Nikulin,
Belarusian State University
a. Fr. Skoryna, 4,
Minsk 220050, Belarus


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