IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.10, n.1 (28), 2002/

Perceived Fuzzy Subsets of Finite Sets

Authors: Walenty Ostasiewicz


The paper is addressed to the problem of determination of perceived fuzzy sets. It is assumed that a person is able to indicate two specific objects, such that to one of them a given vague notion is applied perfectly, and the other this term is not applicable at all. The ordering of applicability is obtained by projecting all the given object (represented as points in n-dimensional space) into the axis joining two indicated objects. The numerical representation of the ordering yields the grades of membership.

Walenty Ostasiewicz,
Wroclaw University of Economics,
Department of Statistics and Economic Cybernetics
53345 Wroclaw - Poland
ul.Komandorska 118/120


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