Instrumental support for complex applications porting to the regional HPC infrastructure

Programmee:International Collaboration
Code:STCU 5807
Execution period:2013 – 2014
Institutions:Moldova State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, RENAM
Project Leader:Hincu Boris
Participants: Secrieru Grigore, Bogatencov Petru, Iliuha Nicolai, Patiuc Vladimir, Calmis Elena, Ceban Lilia
Financed by:The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM)


Project aims to provide analysis for development, adaptation and porting to the available regional HPC infrastructure scalable applications for solving problems that require significant computational resources. The proposed implementation can be used in variety of parallel systems such as clusters and in distributed computing systems.

To implement algorithms on parallel architectures the functionality of the existing software packages will be adapted and expanded. Open source software like PETs and ScaLAPACK packages will be used to create parallel programs for solving linear models, MPI and OpenMP for parallel programs development. For results visualization will be adapted open source software packages.

In order to develop applications, training of users and software developers will be used computational resources of two local clusters in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science and in the State University of Moldova. For these systems will be specified and installed toolkits necessary for the elaboration of complex applications, will be completed the unification of software environments and created interfaces to share the resources of both clusters for developing and running applications. The project focused on elaboration of interactive educational systems to acquire the necessary skills for administration and use of ROCKS type clusters with OS CentOS and development of parallel programs using the functionality of MPI and OpenMP.