Dynamical Systems and Their Applications (DynSysAppl)

Programmee:International Collaboration
Code:FP7 316338
Execution period:2012 – 2016
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Suba Alexandru
Participants: Vulpe Nicolae


The main research area where the project lies is dynamical systems theory. The project will also intersect another large area of research: mathematical modeling. Dynamical systems theory is one of the areas linking Pure to Applied Mathematics. A large part of this theory is devoted to analyzing dynamics of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). When such equations are studied to the most abstract level, they lie in the region of Pure Mathematics, while, when they are used to model different physical or technological phenomena, they enter the region of Applied Mathematics. These confer an interdisciplinary character of the project.

The main objective of this project is to create fundamental understanding in dynamical systems theory and to apply this theory in formulating and analyzing real world models met especially in Neuroscience, Plasma Physics and Medicine.