Mathematical model of tuberculosis control in the Republic of Moldova

Programmee:Young Researchers
Execution period:2010 – 2011
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Putuntica Vitalie
Participants: Orlov Victor, Pricop Victor, Culev Veaceslav


The thematics proposed for research concerns on use of modern methods of Lie algebras, qualitative theory, theory of orbits, and the method of algebraic invariants to study mathematical models, described by polynomial differential systems, which depend on the parameters of diffusion and control program of tuberculosis in Republic of Moldova. The results, obtained in the project, can be used in understanding of evolution dynamics and spread of tuberculosis depending on parameters that characterize tuberculosis. Knowing the initial conditions of the patient's health and factors having effect on the disease dynamics, will be possible to highlight critical factors in tuberculosis control in the Republic of Moldova, as well as their influence on the further spread of tuberculosis.