Modeling of the dependance constraints - economic grows in conditions of sustainable development

Programmee:Young Researchers
Execution period:2009 – 2010
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Geru Vitalie
Participants: Popovscaia Marina, Chistruga Marcel, Fală Alexandru


The main scope of the project consists in studying models of economic growth that reflect durable development of the Republic of Moldova in the light of analysis of economic constraints. The indicators that estimate impact of constraints will be calculated and mathematical-economic models will be used for analysis of present and further economic situation. Simulation calculus in function existent dynamics will be executed and effective support for decision making will be elaborated.

The creation of some models intended for execution of simulation and economic analysis for short and medium terms represents both practical and theoretic interest. Actual problems of our country that refer to stable economic growth can be analyzed in the context of mathematical-economic models. In this context both static and dynamic models will be examined. The apparatus of numerical analysis and mathematical modeling will be used for solving the considered problems.

It is stipulated the analysis of different types of models on purpose of selection and synthesis of a model adjusted to conditions of the Republic of Moldova. The following models will be analyzed:

Economic simulations executed using elaborated models will generate synthesis data of the economic situation in the Republic of Moldova. This in its turn can contribute to optimization of the decision making process. The information accumulated on the basis of this modeling will represent an important active in the framework of the knowledge based society.