Informational systems: theory and applications

Programmee:Institutional Projects (Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development)
Execution period:2006 – 2010
Institutions:Ministry of Education and Youth, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Ciubotaru Constantin
Participants: Programming Systems "Iurie Rogojin", Information Systems
Field of application:Electronics, information technologies and telecommunications
Keywords:informational systems, unstructured data processing systems, natural language processing, decision support systems, artificial intelligence


The project assumes scientific research related to theoretical substantiation, development of effective methods for creation and implementation of informational systems (IS). Formal models of computation, grammars and formal languages, computational algebra constitute the theoretical basis of IS. There will be investigated and elaborated: The possibilities of application of formal grammars and models of computation (automata) for natural language processing will be studied and argued. Also, informational systems for modeling and simulation, decision support systems and artificial intelligence systems (particularly, expert systems, systems and methods for knowledge acquisition) will be investigated, developed and modernized.