Fundamental research in algebraic structures and logic calculus, applications for coding of information

Programmee:Institutional Projects (Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development)
Execution period:2006 – 2010
Institutions:Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Ratsiu Mefodie
Participants: Ryabukhin Yuri, Belyavskaya Galina, Izbash Vladimir, Shcherbacov Victor, Kuznetsov Eugene, Cebotari Vadim, Aculai Elena
Field of application:Fundamental Sciences - Physics-Mathematics
Keywords:mathematical logic, algebraic system, quasigroup, ring, code, cipher


The project's research concerns on known and actual developed domains of modern mathematics, including the ring theory, quasigroups theory, discrete mathematics, algebraic systems theory and mathematical logic. In accordance with the plan: