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Moldova becomes a full COST Member

Moldova has become the 38th COST Member. The decision to make Moldova a full COST Member was taken by the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO), during their 204th meeting, held on November 7-8, 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

The decision of the CSO was taken as Moldova had met the requirements for becoming a full Member. Moldovan institutions have participated in at least two consecutive EU Framework programmes, FP7 and Horizon 2020. They have also participated in at least 5% of running COST Actions. Moldova is currently involved in 13 COST Actions, which equals 5.65% of total running Actions.

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding organisation for research and innovation networks. COST Actions help to connect research initiatives across Europe and beyond and enable researchers and innovators to grow their ideas in any science and technology field by sharing them with their peers.

COST Actions are bottom-up networks with a duration of four years that boost research, innovation and careers. COST Actions are highly interdisciplinary and open. It is possible to join ongoing Actions, which therefore keep expanding over the funding period of four years. They are multi-stakeholder, often involving the private sector, policymakers as well as civil society.

COST funding intends to complement national research funds, as they are exclusively dedicated to cover collaboration activities, such as workshops, conferences, working group meetings, training schools, short-term scientific missions, and dissemination and communication activities. The average COST Action support is EUR 130,000 per annum for participation by typically 25 COST Members.

More details about different ways of participation in COST Actions: