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EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion

Following the association to the 7th EU Framework Programme in 2012 and to the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation in 2014, the Republic of Moldova has won the right to join the program "EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion", which is an effective instrument for integration into the European research area.

On October 3, 2011 the Academy of Sciences of Moldova have signed the Declaration of Commitment by the Members of the EURAXESS Services Network. According to this Declaration, the Center of International Projects of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova was appointed as the host institution and connecting point for EURAXESS Services Network in the Republic of Moldova in order to create and maintain various instruments for promoting this initiative.

EURAXESS is a unique initiative launched by the European Union to promote research careers and facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe. It offers a wealth of information on research careers across Europe, information about rights and obligations of researchers, employers and funders, as well as provides personalized assistance to researchers moving to another European country or returning to Europe.

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Concerning any additional information on EURAXESS services, including technical assistance on jobs publication and researchers recruitment, you can contact Dorina Harea, tel: 022 27 20 24, e-mail: