IMCS/European News/2010/

FP7 Guide for Applicants from the Republic of Moldova

In the context of efforts of scientific community from the Republic of Moldova towards integration into the European Research Area, the network of National Contact Points has developed the brochure "FP7 Guide for Applicants from the Republic of Moldova", which contains practical information for participants from the Republic of Moldova to access European funds through FP7. The Guide gives a brief overview of FP7 opportunities from the perspective of participants from our country, advices and instructions how to transform an idea into a project proposal, as well as presentation of legal and financial aspects of European projects.

Multiple information resources, especially the normative documents of the European Commission related to the 7th Framework Programme and the European Research Area, as well as European publications similar to this Guide, were examined and analyzed in the process of its development. Practical experience of the Guide authors has allowed to adapt the processed information for the needs of potential FP7 applicants from the Republic of Moldova.

Download the Guide (in Romanian)