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Multilayered Knowledge Base for Triage Task in Mass Casualty Situations

Authors: Cojocaru Svetlana, Gaindric Constantin, Secrieru Iulian, Sergiu Puiu, Popcova Olga
Keywords: Knowledge base re-engineering, on-site triage, mass casualty, medical ultrasound, hepato-pancreato-biliary region.


Use of portable ultrasound becomes common practice in mass casualty situations. The obtained information helps emergency crews to make decisions regarding on-site triage, helping in determination of adequate diagnostics in proper time for saving lives of patients. In this article a design of multilayered knowledge base in domain of the abdominal region ultrasound examination for the case of mass casualty situations is described. Layers 1-2 correspond to casualty's severity state, and layer 3 -- to pathologies when the free fluid is present in the abdominal cavity, that is not the consequence of an abdominal injury.

Svetlana Cojocaru, Constantin Gaindric, Iulian Secrieru, Olga Popcova
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
5 Academiei street, Chisinau, MD 2028
E-mail: , ,,

Sergiu Puiu
Women's Health Center "Dalila"

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