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Provably sender-deniable encryption scheme

Authors: N. A. Moldovyan, A. A. Moldovyan, Şcerbacov Victor
Keywords: cryptography, ciphering, deniable encryption, public key, public encryption, probabilistic encryption


The use of the well known provably secure public-key cryptoscheme by Rabin is extended for the case of the deniable encryption. In the proposed new sender-deniable encryption scheme the cryptogram is computed as coefficients of quadratic congruence, the roots of which are two simultaneously encrypted texts. One of the texts is a fake message and the other one is a ciphertext produced by public-key encryption of secret message. The proposed deniable encryption method produces a ciphertext that is computationally indistinguishable from the ciphertext produced by some probabilistic public-key encryption algorithm applied to the fake message.

N. A. Moldovyan
Dr., St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics
and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences
14 Liniya, 39, St.Petersburg 199178

A. A. Moldovyan
Professor, ITMO University,
Kronverksky pr., 10, St.Petersburg, 197101

V. A. Shcherbacov
Dr., Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Academy of Sciences of Moldova Academiei str. 5, MD−2028 Chisinau

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