IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.2, n.3 (6), 1994/

Object class hierarchy for an incremental hypertext editor

Authors: Colesnicov Alexandru, M.Colesnicov, Malahov Ludmila


The object class hierarchy design is considered due to a hypertext editor implementation. The following basic classes were selected: the editor's coordinate system, the memory manager, the text buffer executing basic editing operations, the inherited hypertext buffer, the edit window, the multi-window shell. Special hypertext editing features, the incremental hypertext creation support and further generalizations are discussed.

A. Colesnicov, M. Colesnicov, L. Malahova,
Institute of Mathematics,
Academy of Sciences, Moldova
5, Academiei str., Kishinev,
277028, Moldova
e-mail: ,


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