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CASAD - Computer-Aided Sonography of Abdominal Diseases - the concept of joint technique impact

Authors: T. Deserno, Burţeva Liudmila, Secrieru Iulian, Popcova Olga
Keywords: warehouse, medical diagnostic, ultrasound, images classification, decision support system


Ultrasound image is the primary (input) information for every ultrasonic examination. Since being used in ultrasound images analysis the both knowledge-base decision support and content-based image retrieval techniques have their own restrictions, the combination of these techniques looks promissory for covering the restrictions of one by advances of another. In this work we have focused on implementation of the proposed combination in the frame of CASAD (Computer-Aided Sonography of Abdominal Diseases) system for supplying the ultrasound examiner with a diagnostic-assistant tool based on a data warehouse of standard referenced images. This warehouse serves:

T. Deserno
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L. Burtseva, Iu. Secrieru, O. Popcova
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Academiei 5, Chișinău MD 2028 Moldova
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