IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.14, n.1 (40), 2006/

Intonational Structures in Romanian Yes-No Questions

Authors: Vasile Apopei, Doina Jitca, Adrian Turculet


This paper presents the conclusions resulted from an intonational analysis of Romanian Yes-No questions. The recent analysis results consist in dividing and structuring the F0 curves into intonational units. Each intonational unit is described by a tone sequence using ToBI labels used in annotation of the most important phonetic events: pitch accents and boundary tones. The authors of the present study propose a description of the resulted patterns for F0 contour in terms of intonational units structures described by their tone sequence. We consider this description suitable for the variety of melodic contours resulted from different speakers and different focalizations in their utterances. In paragraph 3, the paper presents the intonational variants resulted from our speech corpus analysis. The conclusions of Yes-No question analysis are important for linguistic studies and in Romanian speech synthesis.

V. Apopei, D. Jitca, A.Turculet
Institute for Computer Science,
Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch
B-dul Carol I, nr. 22A, 6600 IASI, ROMANIA


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