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The Computer Science Journal of Moldova (CSJM) is issued three times a year by the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The journal publishes articles and short communications on: Computer System Organization, Software, Theory of Data, Theory of Computing, Computing Methodologies and Applications, Discrete Mathematics in relation to Computer Science, Operations Research and Management Science, Artificial Intelligence, and related topics. Survey papers, reviews of new monographs, abstracts of dissertations, chronicle of scientific events are also published. We welcome appeals from organizations and individuals to advertize software products.

Papers are submitted in English only.

All information contained in the paper (including cited references) should be written in the Roman alphabet.

The journal is computer-typeset. We require texts in the form of electronic manuscripts in LaTeX (.tex file) and the respective variant in .pdf format. If some specific styles are used for your paper layout, please give respective .sty files together with the main .tex file containing paper text. Figures should be gray-scale and in .eps format. Dimensions of figures and tables should fit the printable area of CSJM: textheight=182mm, textwidth=118mm. Keep that formulae and equations (algorithms descriptions, program texts etc) in the text do not give overfulls: break them in proper places to fit the text width. To keep these conditions it is advisable to use csjmol.sty.

Except computer files, authors are to present at least one hard copy signed by all co-authors in the first page. The main policy is to publish papers "as-is". The authors are fully responsible for the content, presentation and global typesetting aspects of the text, figures, tables (and all attached materials). The editorial board reserves the right to review the papers.

The paper should contain the following information: fully descriptive paper title, author's name/authors' names, abstract, keywords, main body of the paper including tables and figures, appendices, complete English Language bibliographic information for all cited references, full address information (post and e-mail addresses) for every author. It is also recommended that, whenever possible, each article publish information on the funding source supporting the research presented.

Download CSJM template: template.tex,, csjmol.sty, CSJM.rar. The journal has no charges for article submission and processing.

The computer-readable texts and hard copies should be sent to:
Dr. hab. S. Cojocaru
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science,
5, Academiei street, Chisinau, MD 2028, Republic of Moldova
Phone: (373 22) 72-84-14