IMI/Publicaţii/BASM/Ediţii/BASM n1(98), 2022/

Equilibria in Pure Strategies for a Two-Player Zero-Sum Average Stochastic Positional Game

Authors: Lozovanu Dmitrii, Stefan Pickl
Keywords: Positional game, Two-player zero-sum stochastic game, Average payoff, Pure stationary equilibria


The problem of the existence and determining equilibria in pure stationary strategies for a two-player zero-sum average stochastic positional game is considered. We show that for such a game there exists the value and players may achieve the value by applying pure stationary strategies of choosing the actions in their positions. Based on a constructive proof of these results we propose an algorithmic approach for determining the optimal pure stationary strategies of the players.

Dmitrii Lozovanu
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science,
5 Academiei str., Chisinau, MD−2028, Moldova

Stefan Pickl
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science,
Mathematics and Operations Research,
Universit¨at der Bundeswehr,M¨unchen,
85577 Neubiberg-M¨unchen, Germany,



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