IMI/Publicaţii/BASM/Ediţii/BASM n.3 (16), 1994/

About separable self-orthogonal $n$-operations. (English)

Authors: Syrbu P. N.


Let $Q(\cdot)$ be a binary groupoid. A $n$-operation $A$ defined on the set $Q$ is called separable by $(\cdot)$ if $A(x\cdot y,\ldots,x\cdot y)= {A(x,\ldots,x)}\cdot{A(y,\ldots,y)}$ for every $x,y\in Q$. Each self-orthogonal $n$-operation is a principal isotope of a separable self-orthogonal $n$-operation. Some connections between idempotence and the spectrum of separable self-orthogonal $n$-operations are considered.

Institute of Mathematis of Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Academy str. 5, Kishinev MD-2028, Moldova