IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.6, n.3 (18), 1998/

The concept of training device and task description language for teaching programming

Authors: Dat Ph. Phan


In this paper we consider conceptual bases of construction of training device on programming (TDP) and give theoretical grounds of task description language (TADELA). TDP is a specialized training system of algorithmic approach which allows the student work with real tasks under conditions of his/her superficial acquaintance with the programming language. TADELA is designed to describe solving plans of class of educational computing tasks. On the basis of plans the student can get flow charts of algorithms and fragments of programs in the studied programming language. TADELA is designed on the basis of algorithmic operator models. Being close to algebraic notation, TADELA provides simplicity of its use as the entry language of TDP. Approaches to formalization of syntax, model and algorithmic semantics of TADELA and its implementation were considered.

Phuong Dat Phan,
Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics
Moldavian State University
60, Mateevici str., Kishinev
MD-2009 Moldova


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