IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.6, n.2 (17), 1998/

Model of inherent mechanisms of perception

Authors: V. Kondrat'ev, V. Utrobin, A. Gremalskii, A. Balabanov


Formalization aspects of decision making procedure under the condition of a priori uncertainty of the analyzed images are considered. The analytical schemes of decision making process are constructed. They have the same organization as pyramidal visual machines.

V.Kondrat'ev, V.Utrobin, A.Gremalskii, A.Balabanov
V.Kondrat'ev, V.Utrobin,
State Technical University of
Nizhniy Novgorod (NSTU),
Computing mashinery Departament,
str. Minin, 24,
603000, N.Novgorod, Russia,
phone: (8312) 36-82-28; Fax 360-569
A.Balabanov, A.Gremalskii
Technical University of Moldova,
Automatica Departament,
Stefan cel Mare 168,
2012, Kishinev, Moldova,
phone: (373-2) 497694, 497014;
fax: (373-2) 497014, 497022
e-mail: or


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